Lifetime contracts

We are glad to announce that we are extending the term of all new purchased contracts from 5-year to lifetime, without any changes in the prices for the hashrate and maintenance fees for the services.

This change became possible with the expansion of our data centers in Europe and Asia, along with an increased demand for SHA-256 PRO contracts (annual returns up to 128%) and SCRYPT PRO (annual returns up to 82%).


We are expanding our presence in Europe and placed our equipment at Energohost ( Energohost is a company specializing in professional mining equipment hosting at competitive electricity prices in Europe.

Our cooperation with Energohost will strengthen our presence in Europe and compensate for the risks of placement in unstable regions.

Energohost has its own Tier-2 data-centers in the center of Riga, Latvia, offering accommodation of hardware at the highest standards of safety and fire resistance. The time of failure-free operation of the hotels of Energohost is 99.5%!

Introducing SCRYPT PRO contracts

Last week we have introduced a new multi-pool SCRYPT PRO contract for Litecoin mining with potential annual profit up to 82%. SCRYPT PRO sales exceeded all our expectations and we forecast that all free capacity for the SCRYPT PRO contract will be sold out in 2 weeks!

SCRYPT PRO mining strategy is very similar to the the recently released SHA-256 PRO contract, which includes the simultaneous mining of Litecoin and 100+ other crypto coins with the subsequent automatic trading at the best rates on the largest crypto-exchanges in the world.

At the moment, SCRYPT PRO contract shows 35% better results than the usual SCRYPT contract, what helps to minimize risks against the ordinary Litecoin mining.